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About School Nutrition

It's a pleasure to have you visit our School Nutrition section.
The resources provided here will allow you and your student access to healthy food and nutrition services for the School District of New Richmond.
One of our favorite services is to provide our students a healthy breakfast. Here are links to the breakfast menu of your choice as well as the lunch menus.
As another resource, please read our Monthly Newsletters.

We hope you find our resources beneficial. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

The School Nutrition Department will continue to use the Alert Now phone notification system to alert parents about student meal account balances.  You can also set up an online account through www.myschoolbucks.com to check balances and receive low-balance emails. Students are reminded about low account balances each day by the cashier. If you have any questions regarding your child(s) meal account please contact Lisa Johnson at 715-243-7408, lijohnson@newrichmond.k12.wi.us or Karen Brummer at 715-243-1714.


Frequently Asked Questions